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System Risks Using
the Trajectories Process

From aviation accidents to
medical mistakes – we’ve built
Trajectories® models that
have helped organizations
reduce events by 90%

Part systems engineering, part human factors,
part neuroscience – we solve problems and
produce results no one else can.

Systems Engineering

From active failures to undesired consequences, we map through the barriers, recovery, and redundancies of your workplace processes.

Human Factors

No thorough systems analysis can avoid the threat of inadvertent human error.


Free will. Not only do humans sometimes make mistakes, they also make choices – good, bad, and indifferent. Modeling choice is essential.

Where there are
humans there is an
opportunity for Trajectories

A Few of Our Risk Models

From aviation to healthcare, electrical power to zoos – clients have embraced Trajectories®.

Chemotherapy Errors
Runway Incursion
Electrical Power Arc Flash
Animal Escape

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