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About the Trajectories company

Together The Just Culture Company, LLC and The Trajectories Company, LLC form the two business units of Outcome Engenuity, LLC.  The Trajectories Company was formed to focus on our risk modeling products, primarily the Trajectories process and software.  We’re based in a renovated pharmacy building from the 1960’s, in what’s now one of Fort Lauderdale’s three community redevelopment districts. 

What We do

We help our clients manage socio-technical system risk.  Where there are humans, there are errors, mistakes, and risky behavioral choices to minimize. And there are undesired outcomes to manage.  Through our processes and software, we train clients to see into their systems, processes, and culture in a way not previously imaginable.  

Team Members

Adam Marx

Adam Marx is mechanical designer and Trajectories Advisor.

Alex Demidov

Alex Demidov is principal Trajectories software programmer.

Barbara Olson, RN MS

Barbara Olson is our Chief Clinical Officer, having spent 30 years in healthcare leadership roles.

David Marx, BSE, JD

David Marx is the CEO of The Trajectories Company.  He’s spent 35 years helping manage risk across high consequence industries.

Mike Graves

Mike Graves is our Chief Technology Officer.  Mike’s got 30 years of experience, helping software start-ups bring technology to market.

Jerry Allen, MS

Jerry Allen is our Industry Chief, having spent 30 years helping transportation and industrial organizations manage risk.

Mattie Milner, PhD

Mattie Milner is a human factors engineer, focusing on the prevention of human error and at-risk behavior choices within socio-technical systems.

John Westphal

John Westphal is our Chief Advisor, managing the teams that help clients in the field.  a 20 year veteran of the company, John has been helping clients across industries better manage socio-technical system risk.